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About Us

Precision Grinders/ Precision Smokeware was developed in 2017 for the sole purpose of creating the greatest Grinder ever made. After years of disappointment in the grinders found growing up in Southern California, Precision Grinders decided to try it ourselves. After making and throwing away thousands of grinders that weren’t up to our standards we struck gold with our final design. We conducted market research, spoke to hundreds of smokeshop owners, and used the product our selves to confirm that our design will put us on the map. After some minor tweaks we are ready and excited for them to hit the market. We are so confident in our materials and design that we have given our grinders a 100% lifetime warranty.

We have manufactured the industries best, highest quality, and most trusted Aerospace grade aluminum smoking accessories. Our grinders are engineered to last FOREVER and sustain the heaviest usage. The teeth of our grinders will never dull, and will always give you the blend that we intended. They are designed to grind/cut your product into the perfect size, NOT mash it into a powder like many other grinders on the market do today.  At Precision Smokeware we have strict standards for quality, testing, and health. Our inner parts will not leech into your blend! We pride ourselves in producing a product that is highly functional, extremely durable, well reviewed, and is made right here in San Diego, California.

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